5 Foods to Get More Vitamin D for Rickets in Children


In addition to the food, the children exposed to sunlight at the appropriate time is essential.

Rickets is osteodystrophy body vitamin D deficiency, affecting the absorption, metabolism of calcium and phosphorus. It is common in children under 3 years old. The major causes of rickets in young children are lack of sunlight, low birth weight babies, preterm birth, non-breastfeeding children, malabsorption syndrome, malnourished children.

Children often manifest crying, sleep disturbance, startling, sweating more, the hair loss in the back of the neck to form a ring, the teeth grow slow, slow to know, crawling, walking, standing … In severe cases, the child is disturbed in the bone with a wide area, with hump of the forehead, deformed chest, ribs, wrists, ankles, knees, bowls, etc. Here are some foods that support the treatment of rickets so that mothers can process for the baby.

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Crab leg powder for Rickets

Crab leg powder: crab legs 300g, lotus seed 50g, green beans 50g.
Pick up the legs of the healthy crabs, wash the dried to a smooth paste. Lotus seeds, green beans are powdered. The above stuff mixed together. Each time you eat a teaspoon of crab leg powder mixed with rice or thick porridge, can add sugar or salt to eat to fit the mouth. Eating 2 times per day, need to eat for 10 – 15 days..

Chicken egg yolk porridge for Rickets

Chicken egg yolk porridge: 2 egg yolks, 50g rice, seasoning powder. Cooked chicken egg yolks, whites, yolks, dried powder. Yellow rice is powdered. Mix the two, put in the pot, pour the water just enough to boil the porridge thoroughly, add the seasoning powder stirring, boiling again. Feed the child once a day. Need to eat for 20 – 30 days.

Shrimp porridge for Rickets

Shrimp porridge: shrimp 150g, 50g rice, just enough spice powder. Shrimp is washed, peeled and left to stand. Shrimp paste is small. Shrimp, dried shrimps dried flour smooth. Rice grinds into flour. All mixed, add the seasoning powder, add to the pot, pour enough water to cook porridge. When the porridge is cooked for stirring, boiling porridge is okay. Give children to eat once a day when they are hungry, within a month.

Pigs cartilage porridge for Rickets

Pigs cartilage porridge: pig cartilage 100g, rice 50g, MSG, spices powder enough. Pig cartilage bone is washed, grinded as a powder, marinated with seasoning. Rice grinds into flour. Bend the cartilage to the pot add 150ml of water over low heat, when the cartilage to stir the rice flour, boil until the ripe porridge for monosodium glutamate. Children eat 2 times per day when they are hungry. Need to eat instant 15 – 20 days.

How to prevent rickets for children

To prevent rickets in children, during pregnancy, the mother should eat foods rich in calcium. Breastfeeding is recommended for the first 6 months. Daily sunbathing is about 10 – 15 minutes in the morning. Enhance the child to eat calcium, phosphorus rich foods such as eggs, fish, shrimp, crabs, clam, shellfish and milk, cheese. If necessary, vitamin D, calcium supplement for children as prescribed by the doctor. The child’s home should have enough light. If children suffer from diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, respiratory … need to be treated soon.


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