Anti Ageing

anti ageing

Aging cannot be avoided, however the good news is the speed at which your body ages can be minimised. Wrinkles, diseases and other negative aspects of aging can be reduced through eating properly. In fact optimum nutrition can add a further 15 years onto your life.

There is so much you can do to slow down the ageing process. This is of great importance seeing it is expected that people will be living longer and longer with improvements in technologies.

Consume Antioxidants for Anti Ageing

One of the biggest keys to reducing aging is consuming lots of antioxidants. Studies have shown that it is almost 100% certain that oxidants produced during combustion processes such as smoking and barbequing meat cause aging. These oxidants damage DNA causing the aging process. By consuming antioxidants the affect of these will be minimal as the antioxidants will remove these oxidants.

Common antioxidants come in the form of vitamins A C and E, as well as bioflavonoid and anthocyanidins. There are however over another 90 chemicals that are antioxidants in foods as well!

To get sufficient antioxidants it is recommended that we take around 2 g of vitamin C daily, along with a few other antioxidant complexes. If you are older a little more should be taken.

There is more you can do then to start to take antioxidants to reduce those aging affects. Vitamin B can be taken to keep your cells young. Vitamin B controls methylation which is a body process which is important for keeping your cells young. Methylation protects DNA.

B vitamins can be obtained from sources such as lamb’s liver, turkey, chicken, whole grains, oats, sunflower seeds, eggs, nuts, mushrooms, oily fishes, brown rice, leafy green vegetables, oranges, breakfast cereals along with many other sources.

Vitamin C can be obtained from fruits, and many vegetables. A good multivitamin can also supply your body with all the antioxidants and vitamins it needs.

Aerobic activity also assists in slowing the ageing process. It helps to keep cholesterol levels in your blood low along with blood pressure and pulse rate. Aerobic activity includes swimming, running cycling etc.

Around 3 in 4 people die from diseases such as heart attacks, strokes, cancer and diabetes which can be prevented by following the simple steps mentioned above

  •          Consume sufficient antioxidants
  •          Consume sufficient B vitamins
  •          Aerobic exercises regularly

So get started on it today and live longer!

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