Breast Cancer

breast cancer

What is Breast Cancer ?

Breast cancer is that disease in which malignant tumor starts in breast. That tumor is consist of mass of cells which grows. These cells move to other parts of body organ or other tissues. Breast cancer is most dangerous cancer for women. It is main second reason of women death after lung cancer. Women who have excess weight or have obesity, after menopause she have more chances of breast cancer due to high levels of estrogen. Death rate of breast cancer decreased since 1989. Now a day’s most of the women are surviving due to proper treatment. It is common in middle age about one over four breast cancer which occur between 55 and 64.

Stages of Breast Cancer

Stage 0

It is known as ductal carcinoma in situ (DCIS) in this stage the cells are not invaded to other surrounding tissues. These are in limit within a duct.

Stage 1: 

In this beginning stage, tumor is about 2 centimeters and do not affect any lymph nodes.

Stage 2

Tumor gets about 2 cm long and start to spread to surrounded nodes.

Stage 3

Tumor gets about 5cm and also chances to spread to some of lymph nodes.

Stage 4

In this last stage, the cancer spread to organs like lungs, brain, liver and bones.

Breast Cancer diet

Eating healthy for every women is essential, women should eat variety of fruits, lean, fish, beans, chicken dairy and high protein foods. You healthy diet can support your body to remain strong when you are in treatment of breast cancer. Healthy diet can reduce the side effects of therapy and other infections.

Risk factors of Breast Cancer

Risk factor which includes age, genetics, family history and other previous exposure to radiation.

Cause of Breast Cancer

The exact cause of breast cancer re unknown but Specialists know that breast cancer occurs when breast cells starts to grow abnormally.

Symptoms of Breast Cancer

Following are the some symptoms of breast cancer which you can notice in your breast

  • Peeling or scaling of skin on nipple or breast
  •  Rash around nipples
  • Nipple discharge which can contains blood
  • Change breast shape and size

Prevention from Breast Cancer

There is no any possible way to prevent form breast cancer but if changes of lifestyle can reduce the risk of breast cancer. Some of them are given below

  •  Try to avoid alcohol
  •  Eat healthy diet like vegetables and fruits
  •  Regular exercise
  •  Drink excess amount of water

How could you diagnosed Breast Cancer ?

  • An ultrasound scan which can help you to find difference between fluids filled cyst and solid mass.
  • Doctor can do Breast examination of patient breasts to know about lumps.
  • Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scan which use to know about that how far the breast cancer has spread.

Treatment of Breast Cancer

Following are some treatment options of breast cancer.

Radiation Therapy

Radiation therapy which use high energy x rays. Some other particles which is use to destroy cancer cells. Women who is suffering from this cancer should consult a specialists of radiation oncologist.


Surgery is another way to destroy the tumor and nearby health tissue by operation. It is also done to examine the nearby axillary lymph nodes which is under arm.


In Chemotherapy, the expert doctor use drugs to kill cancer cells and make enable to ability to divide and grow. It should be given to patient before surgery, because a large tumor gets shrink and surgery will easy to do.

Hormonal therapy

Hormonal therapy which is also called endocrine. It is an effective way of treatment for tumors. Hormones gets blocked which prevent the cancer recurrence.

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