Cooking Processes


The cooking process is just as important, or even more so then the food you choose to eat if you are serious about being healthy. Did you know that a fried egg has 50% more fat then poached one. This is just one example that shows how drastically the cooking process can change the properties of a food.

There are so many different ways to cook food. You can fry, steam, boil, barbeque, roast, poach, microwave and grill. With all these different options which ones are the best to use and how can we utilise each process in a healthy fashion.


Grilling food is an excellent choice for healthy cooking. All it involves is direct heat from elements in an oven. No nasty fats or oils need to be used however grilling certain foods such as vegetables can taste a bit bland. Try to avoid using oils on trays when grilling, instead use non-stick papers. Grilling is a good way to cook meats.


Microwaving is not a desirable way to cook food. It is quick and nasty, just like most things that are quick (fast food for instance). The microwave process is very good at mutating cells in the food which you consume. These are expected to have negative effects on the health and well being of individuals in the longer term. Additionally, much of the food designed specially for microwaves is high in preservatives, fats and sugars. Consumption of these foods is just like poisoning your body.


Perhaps one of the most common cooking methods is frying. This is a sure way to add on a lot of saturated fat to your meal. When you fry your food in oil, much of it is absorbed by the food. If you look on the nutrition data on the side of your oil bottles you will notice that it is one of the highest sources of saturated fat. We all know that saturated fat is bad for you and is likely to cause you to put on weight. This is why frying should be avoided where possible.

If you feel compelled to fry foods use flaxseed oil’s or rice bran oils instead of canola oils and olive oils. This is because they are lower in these saturated fats and contains some essential unsaturated fats that really help your body to function effectively.


Roasting is typically done with dry heat and is very similar to grilling. Try to avoid oils and butter to provide non-stick to trays and pans to ensure your meal remains as healthy as possible. Can result some foods tasting dry, but is very good for meats and potatoes.

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There has been a bad wrap on barbequing recently, saying they cause foods to be carcinogenic. This is not try if you are cooking on a good quality barbeque. It is actually the foods themselves that are carcinogenic such as sausages, which really is a terrible food and should be avoided at all costs. Cooking lean meats, potatoes and vegetables on a barbeque are not that bad.


Boiling is perhaps the most healthiest way to cook food along with steaming and poaching. Notice a common theme? They all use water as the cooking source, transferring heat directly from water to the food. Why are these water process so good? Because water is non-toxic, non-fat, non-sugar and is essential for the human body to survive.


This method of cooking is slightly better then boiling as the nutrients from the foods do not leach into the water. Instead they remain in the food for you.


Again very similar to boiling and should be used as a cooking method for all, especially for eggs and even meats.




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