Food Combinations

food combinations

Your Stomach digestive juices work most effectively when correct food combinations are consumed. If you combine foods which require vastly different digestive processes, the amount of nutrients absorbed from the food can be inhibited. Your body will also be required to work harder to digest that food.

Often wrong combinations of food also result in undigested or partially digested food particles which can have harmful toxins, placing great strains on our organs and cells.

By using proper food combinations that nature intended for places minimum effort on the digestive organs.

Starches and proteins require different digestive juices for absorption by the body. Protein digestion begins in the stomach and requires a lot of hydrochloric acid and an enzyme called pepsin. On the other hand starches such as sugars and carbohydrates only require just enough hydrochloric acid to further cleave the cellulose of the foods into an emulsion.

This is why it is recommended that proteins and carbohydrates be consumed at least 15 minutes apart to ensure your digestive system can work most efficiently. However do not worry if you do not follow these guidelines and consume these food types together. It will not kill you doing this a few times a day!!!

Just try and split the food types in some meals and this should be sufficient for you to feel better after a few weeks.

Below is a complete food combination chart for proper food combinations to promote optimum digestion and energy.

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