Home Remedies for Warts


Warts are non cancerous tumours caused by Human Papilloma Virus. It occur on skin, inside of mouth, genitals. Warts spread from person to person. Home treatment is effective to make the warts go away. Let’s know more about Types of warts, Causes for warts, Symptoms of warts, Home Remedies for Warts and Prevention of warts .

Types of warts :

  • Common warts     – develop usually in hand.
  • Plantar warts        – develops in foot
  • Flat warts              – develop in face and back of hands
  • Digitate warts      – develop near hair line or in scalp
  • Filiform warts     – develop on eyelids, lips, neck and face.
  • Perlungual warts  – develop around finger nails
  • Genital warts       – develop in genital area.

Causes for warts :

  • Caused by Human Papilloma Virus
  • Caused by direct contact with infected person
  • Moist environment causes warts
  • Weak immune system also causes warts

Symptoms of warts :

  • Common warts – Usually occurring on hand. It contains one or many tiny dots. These are clotted blood vessels.
  • Plantarwarts – occurring in the sole of foot, giving a feeling of small stone stuck into the foot, appear as light brown lump with tiny dots.
  • Flat warts– these are smooth warts, pinhead sized, they appear in pink ,yellow or light brown color.
  • Filiform warts– these are long, fingerlike warts occurring in, eyelids, lips, neck and face. They are painless but on rubbing becomes irritable.
  • Perlungual warts-they are rough, irregular and elevated warts developing around finger nails. They cause pain when they extend under the nail.
  • Genital wart-develop in genital area.  They are sexually transmitted. They are fresh colored or grey

Home Remedies for Warts :

  • Rub the wart with a slice of potato for 2weeks .This will remove the wart.
  • Apply garlic paste on the wart .This kills the bacteria and helps in removal of wart
  • Applying alovera juice regularly for a month helps to get rid of warts.
  • Rubbing the warts regularly with raw onion helps to remove warts.
  • Massaging the warts with castor oil for 2-3months will vanish the warts.
  • Rub the wart with peels of banana and taper a piece of banana peel to the wart. Leave it overnight. Repeat this for a period of 1month to remove the warts.
  • Tea tree oil as antiseptic property .so apply tea tree oil regularly on the warts to remove it and soothen your skin.
  • Apply salicylic acid to the wart after shower. This acid will react with the warts and destroy the bacteria and thereby removes the warts.
  • Above all remedies are very effective and easy to use.

Prevention of warts :

  • Avoid moisture
  • Also Avoid sharing clothing, towels, hairbrushes and tooth brushes
  • Avoid picking or scratching your warts
  • Wash your hands thoroughly after touching a wart
  • Wear proper foot wear


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