How To Get Weight Loss Results You Want By Cutting Out Big Meals

5 tips to lose weight

Weight loss is a big problem and Many people on the planet have probably one dilemma in mind when it comes to their bodies and that is how they can possibly lose some weight.

You are probably one of those individuals who have heard about countless methods and techniques on how to possibly lose a few of those pounds. You might have heard of going on some sort of detox diet for a couple days to flush out toxins and possibly help you lose some weight in a number of days.

Or maybe you have been fascinated with the diet of just eating a piece of cheese and diet soda.

Whatever method you have heard of, I’m pretty sure that you have always been curious in knowing which method really does work.

One effective way in losing weight through a stretched period of time is cutting out BIG meals.

Do not let the title fool you, because cutting out meals PERIOD has never been, and will never be a healthy method of losing any weight.

That is the reason why we should include the world BIG MEALS.

In this article, learn about the proper guidelines about possible ways to lose some weight and a possible meal plan for weight loss.

You will not read about the ways on how to starve yourself, and staying away from food because we all know that it is never healthy to do such technique.

So what we mainly want to focus on is what foods to stay away from and how to cut out the BIG meals throughout your days.

Eliminate “JUNK” food from your diet

This could be a difficult task by itself, especially if eating junk food is already part of your daily lifestyle.

You see, in order to lose weight, you have to stay away from foods that are considered “junk”.

Foods such as fast food joints, foods that are fried like French fries and hamburgers, candy bars and chocolate and other processed foods you may find at your grocery store.

You have to make sure to break that nasty habit of eating too much junk food.

Once in a while is okay, like once or twice every week, but if you eat “junk” on a daily basis, it could literally do damage to your body, physically and emotionally.

If you are used to buying fast food during work, try to break that habit by packing yourself a lunch at home, so that you have time to cook it the right way with all the ingredients that you want.

Also, try not buying too much processed and bagged foods (chips, canned foods, TV dinners etc.) during your next trip at the grocery store so that you are not tempted in splurging on “junk” while you are in front of the TV or doing some work.

So keep “junk” away from your home. Besides saving your body from unwanted weight gain, you can even save your budget because junk food is not cheap. It may be hard to break, but once you keep away from this addiction, it will definitely make you feel better about yourself.

Weight Loss

Focus on foods that will POSITIVELY affect your body

When we say “foods that affect your body” we mean foods that are low in fat and contain more healthy and much need nutrients plus minerals in them.

These foods are fruits, vegetables, whole grains, low fat dairy products and more protein.

These types of foods have certain components that positively affect your internal organs, physical appearance and also emotional thinking.

As much as possible, if you can focus your meals around the foods mentioned then you will surely shed pounds, especially if you keep it balanced throughout your days.

Try at least 2 servings of each daily, which is said to be the ideal portion. It will help you get nutrients that you need for your body and help you lose some unneeded weight.

Cut out BIG meals and focus on eating more throughout the day (at least 5 small meals)

This tip might sound different to you because we are suggesting that you eat more instead of eating less.

The reason for this is because your metabolism plays a big role.

Think about it this way, when you eat 3 BIG meals all throughout the day, there are times you over eat and you get so full that you start feeling too tired.

That “feeling of tired” could suggest that you ate way too much that your body can handle, so what it does is it goes into “sleep mode.”

What we suggest you do is focus on spreading out your meals throughout the day, around 5 SMALL meals daily.

By doing this, your body is receiving the right amount of foods during each meal without over eating and your metabolism starts to speed up.

This is best especially if you have some cardiovascular exercises, because it will further increase your metabolism’s speed.

Try this type of eating plan: breakfast, morning snack, lunch, afternoon snack and dinner. By keeping it small, your body will eventually get used to snacking throughout the day which will leave your body satisfied and full.

Focus on portion size and eating slowing

You might have heard about these two methods of eating. The reason is because it is effective.

Try eating with a smaller plate during your meals so you do not get too much food. The tendency of a larger plate and filling it up is that you feel like you have to finish everything on your plate. This could lead to unwanted pounds building up.

With a smaller plate, you get less food and you do not feel intimidated with trying to finish up every little bit of food on your plate.

Eating slowly is another great technique to shedding off some weight.

By eating slow, your brain will have more time to register that you are actually getting full so the tendency is, your body will not feel the need to eat more.

People who eat fast usually eat more than they want. It takes a couple minutes for the brain to tell the body that it is full so by eating slowly, you will know when exactly you are full. Try chewing and actually savouring the food that you put in your mouth instead of trying to eat as fast as you can.

Think Positive

Thinking positive is one very helpful tip when it comes to losing weight.

Do not think that you cannot accomplish the task of eating right and losing weight because if you do, most likely, it will happen.

Start by telling yourself that “I am capable of eating right and losing weight because I work hard and focus!”

The way of thinking is one of the first steps to reaching your goal. So when it comes to losing some weight, you have to know that you can do it.

Just make sure that you have the proper guidelines and consult your healthcare professional about your weight, so that you know what necessary steps you should be taking when it comes to losing weight. Most of your doctors tips will include the guidelines mentioned above.


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