How To Spot Good Eggs From Healthy Chicken


There is nobody that does not love eggs, particularly for the mornings. Some of us like them poached, fried, boiled or scrambled. However, in all the cases a better egg makes a better meal. Nevertheless, we are quite unaware that our entire life we have been eating unhealthy eggs.

First of all, it is a fact that the nutrients in the egg are passed on by the chicken, so only a healthy chicken can give a healthy egg. So as to gain the wanted nutrients, we must allow the chicken to move and eat whatever it needs, to have access to a fresh air and diverse food. This includes rodents, snakes, bugs and anything they can come across and hold in for a needed time.

Description of a good egg

Can you recognize a good egg? Look for these features when you are buying eggs:

The density and the thickness of the shell: If the egg has cracks after just a soft strike, that egg is not worthy of your attention.  The strength of the egg’s shell comes from the health of the chicken and from that how good of a diet. Healthy eggs are not easily cracked.

The color of the yolk: Good eggs do not have yolk like the majority of the US citizens are used to see (bright or light yellow), but rather orange. And the quality increases with the depth of the orange color, the deeper orange color of the yolk the better is the egg. Equate various eggs from your retailer or farmer, to be sure that you are supplied with a good eggs.

The thickness of the Yolk: The quality of the egg  also depends on the thickness of the yolk. Good eggs have round and thick yolks, which means healthy and tasty eggs.

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In a report from Oxford Journal is noted how important chicken’s nutrition is. They report that the beta carotene in the chicken’s diet is proportional to the beta carotene in the eggs. Also The Journal of Agricultural Food Chemistry reports that raising the amount of DHA in the chicken’s diet is linked with the omega-3 fatty acids in the eggs.


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