MCT Oil ( Medium Chain Triglyceride Oil )

MCT oil

MCT Oil – Medium Chain Triglycerides, better known as MCTs, are a topic of hot discussion. MCTs are the major fat components in coconut oil, and they have received considerable attention in the past. MCT oil is a concentrated form of MCTs obtained from another oil. What is done is that the concentration of MCT is increased using various processing techniques. MCT oil can contain as much as six times the concentration of MCT in organic coconut oil.

Why is this done? Well, we cannot eat large amounts of coconut oil or any other source of MCT. But, by taking MCT oil in the diet, one can get large amounts of MCT in smaller portions. Even a single tablespoon of MCT oil can provide significant amounts of MCT to notice a change in diet.

What makes MCT so special?

Medium Chain Triglycerides are special. They provide instant and long-lasting energy to the human body. No energy is needed to digest them. Not even a drop of bile to reduce their size. MCTs are medium chained molecules and are much smaller in size than larger molecules like long-chain fatty acids.

When you eat something containing MCTs, like coconut oil, the MCT is absorbed right from the small intestine into the hepatic portal. It goes straight to the liver and is converted into energy. Other foods require lots of energy to be digested and assimilated, which can be tough for an ill person.

This seemingly simple difference is mammoth. This paves the way for tremendous health benefits that MCTs can provide us.

MCT Health Benefits

Medium Chain Triglycerides are saturated fat. We have all been listening to studies that saturated fat is bad for heart health. Well, it may be trustworthy, but not in the case of this saturated fat. MCTs, despite being a saturated fat, can be good for cardiovascular health. These are some of the health benefits of MCT, which you can get from coconut oil or in a more concentrated form from MCT oil.

Say goodbye to Fatigue.

There are millions of people who battle through Fatigue each day. In most cases, Fatigue is work-related. But, in some cases, people suffer from Fatigue without any plausible explanation. Such a person feels weak, tired, dizzy, and exhausted all day, barring few moments when the adrenaline is rushing. It is considered Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Consumption of MCT helps fatigued people reclaim their lives. It provides a significant boost of energy. Initially, when you take high amounts of fat, it may be tough for the body to take them all in. One may experience nausea or even vomiting. But in a few days, the body starts to metabolize them easily and provide an energy boost. One should feel a bit more active and energetic during the day and even experience better sleep at night.

Curb the Cravings

Feeling more energetic means a lesser need for sugary foods and cravings. Our brain works on glucose. When the body is low on energy, glucose stores are being used. This low amount of sugar forces the body to look for high sugar foods. Once you eat sugar-rich foods, the brain feels better. But that sugar brings in many health problems, the first among them being the risk for weight gain.

MCT Oil can reduce your dependence on sugar or, better said, fructose-rich foods to stay energetic.

Improved metabolism

With age, metabolism starts to decline. Now, that is what is wired in our genes, and nothing can stop that. However, MCTs can reduce your metabolism rate and keep it appropriate for your age. This is a big statement. As a result of its ability to control metabolism, it effectively controls weight gain. It is not strictly a weight-loss food because it is saturated fat and releases nine calories per gram. But, it sure helps to keep the metabolism up.

MCT oil boosts thermogenesis, a process in which the body increases its heat production without you doing any exercise. This helps the body burn fat as the body starts to burn more calories above the basal metabolic rate BMR.

Control your appetite

Not only MCTs but LCTs ( Long Chain Triglycerides ) help in controlling appetite. Eating a breakfast rich in MCTs can reduce incidents of sharp hunger later on in the day.

Great for the brain

MCTs release ketones when they are metabolized. These ketones act as fuel for the brain, making it work better. You can make good use of this fact. MCT oil, especially that from coconut, boosts cognitive performance even in older people.

Improved Physical Performance

Have you been tired of the marathon practice? Then try MCT oil. It is believed to improve athletic performance. The extent to which it boosts performance is not yet clear.

MCT Oil For Serious Health Problems

Aside from the regular, commonplace health benefits, MCT has also been identified to help certain diseases and conditions. Let’s have a look.


Regular consumption of MCT-rich foods can alleviate Alzheimer’s disease, improve brain functioning, memory, and nervous coordination. The relation between Alzheimer’s and Medium Chain Triglycerides is still understood as new and exciting research comes up. MCTs may also be capable of slowing down neural degeneration and, as such, help in diseases like Parkinson’s and dementia.


This is a problematic condition in which the body cannot absorb certain nutrients from food for whatever reason. In this state of weakness, a diet rich in MCT keeps the person’s energy levels up. MCT Oil is commonly used as a supplement to the food of people who suffer from Malabsorption syndromes.


MCT oil can increase the time between subsequent seizures in a person who has epilepsy. Children who have epilepsy can be supported by giving them an MCT-rich diet.

How to use MCT Oil At Home?

  • That’s the hardest part. MCT Oil generally may not taste awesome, and if you add too much of it, you may have to pay an unwanted visit to the toilet. Nevertheless, here are some recipes containing MCT oil. Popcorn – Bake some popcorn in MCT Oil. It is going to have the nutty flavor of coconut if the MCT OIl is taken from coconut.
  • MCT Oil Coffee – Use your MCT oil as a cream for coffee. This enhances the mind alerting effects of coffee. Need to stay awake this night? That’s the perfect recipe.
  • Salad Dressing – try replacing your regular salad dressing like olive oil with MCT oil.

Do not microwave MCT Oil. Temperatures were higher than 320 ° F lead to transformations in the structure of MCT in MCT oil. Now, those healthy fatty acids turn into harmful substances.

Side Effects and Toxicity Issues

MCT Oil is generally safe. It is also very healthy unless it is heated or put in an environment where there is a lot of heat. However, some people may have to deal with an upset stomach if they take a large amount of MCT Oil in one go. Our body has a specific tolerable limit to the amount of fat it can take in one meal. If that is exceeded, one feels uneasy. It could lead to vomiting or a short incidence of diarrhea.

So, start slow. If you are not fine with one tablespoon straight away, go for one teaspoon or even 1/2 teaspoon. You can slowly work up the quantity.

There should be no toxicity issues if the MCT Oil you get is processed naturally without chemicals.


Regarding the dosage, there is no precise cut specification. One should aim for about 1 – 3 tablespoons of MCT oil per day. This is enough for getting all the benefits of MCT oil. This amount of MCT oil should also be helpful for the diseases and conditions mentioned and would not fall too short.

What is the maximum safe dosage that you can take?

One should not take more than 1 g per kg of bodyweight of MCT oil in a day. Even at this level, one should not take so much MCT oil for extended periods. You see, taking 60 gm of saturated fat, even though MCT, for six months or so can raise cholesterol levels.

MCT oil is generally extracted from coconut oil and palm kernel oil. The process involves the use of supercritical CO2 for extraction. But CO2 is all around in our atmosphere and in many fermentation foods, so that should not be a problem. MCT oil can have a shelf life of 1 year or so if appropriately kept refrigerated.

Nutritional Information

MCT oil often contains a nearly equal amount of capric acid and caprylic acid. Both of these fatty acids are found in coconut oil.

MCT Oil is a powerful health supplement for everyone. It can help one feel more energetic and take on life with an energy-filled attitude. MCT is so good that it is used in bodybuilding supplements, baby formula, and many other health products. It is perfect for people who are having cognitive problems. It can cut down your risk of facing mental diseases, like Alzheimer’s, which is a big thing.


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