Myth vs Fact

myth vs fact

When it comes to eating there are so many obscure opinions out there, with very little substance to back them. The just add to the confusion and make decisions on what to eat a whole lot harder. This section is here to dispel some of those myths, and to provide you with some certainty with the facts – Myth vs Fact

Some Myth Vs Facts points

Myth: Healthy food is boring and tasteless

Fact: Some of the most satisfying foods and meals are delicious

This website will demonstrate to you that there are ample meals that are very tasty and healthy. But don’t stop at the meals that are just listed in the recipe section of this website. There are many many more waiting to be discovered!!!

Myth: You must eat large meals to feel satisfied

Fact: Quality of food not quantity produces healthy satisfaction

People these days believe the amount of food they eat will make them feel better. Restaurants are serving portions which are much larger then ever before. However people are still starving there bodies for nutrition. It is a fact that your body needs nutritious meals, not just big quantities of junk food.

Myth: You should not drink whilst eating

Fact: There is no scientific evidence to suggest that drinking whilst eating is bad for the body.

It has been suggested that drinking water whilst eating is affects the stomachs ability to digest food. There is no hard evidence to suggest this is true, and some research has suggested it water is essential to digest food. Drinking water during eating should really be left to your personal preference. Just remember every body function requires water so ensure you get your daily water requirements.

Myth: When you have reached a certain age, you can’t get in shape.

Fact: Health and wellbeing can be enhanced at any age!

I was recently watching a documentary about one of the fastest senior sprinters. At the age of 61 he was running the 100 meters in under 12 seconds. This was a real eye opener to me as it really did show great health at and old age was possible with good nutrition and exercise.

Myth: You should eat food for emotional reasons.

Fact: You should enjoy eating healthy foods and realize that eating on your emotions can lead to consumption of bad foods.

Food is a fuel for your body just like petrol for a car. Often when we eat on our emotions, we go for those foods that will give us a quick fix of sugar and fats such as chocolate. This is just like putting oil instead of petrol in your vehicle to drive it. Your car will not run as well as it could and will eventually break down.

Myth: Eating right is to hard.

Fact: Eating right is not complicated

Through this website it will become more clear how you can integrate healthy eating easily into your lifestyle. Eating healthy is more easier then you might think its just those bad habits that need to be broken to allow you into that proper routine.

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Myth: The best way to lose weight is with low carbohydrate diet.

Fact: Low GI diet is the best way to lose weight

Carbohydrates are an essential part of a healthy diet, to have sufficient energy to do things throughout the day. A low carbohydrate diet often leads to low energy levels, decrease in strength, tiredness and depression. A low GI diet incorporates quality carbohydrate sources which ensures you have sufficient carbohydrates to avoid these symptoms.

Myth: To obtain a six pack and ripped abs you need to do sit-ups.

Fact: By eating correctly and reducing your fat you can have a six pack too!

This issues is just one of many that shows how important eating the right foods is. Everyone has a six pack underneath those layers of fat on there stomachs. By reducing your overall amount of fat through good eating habits you can obtain a six pack.

Myth: Genetics determine the age you will live too.

Fact: Eating healthy will increase the length of your life

Whilst genetics do influence your age you will live to, eating healthy and exercising will also increase the length of your life. Your body needs things like antioxidants. If you starve your body of what it needs and fill it up with all the junk it will affect your long term health and decrease your life expectancy.

Myth: Sugar will not cause you to put on weight.

Fact: Sugar will convert to fat if not used by your body as energy.

Did you know that any sugar consumed and not used by the body will convert and be stored as fat. Putting on weight is primarily as simple as calories in verses calories used however this is something to keep in mind when you eat that next bar of chocolate. Excess sugar also has other side effects and can lead to diabetes.


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