Natural Ways to Cleanse Your Liver By Dr Clark

Natural Ways to Cleanse Your Liver

Proper liver function is key to a good health. The failing liver can be a hidden cause of all kinds of diseases one of the most common being the liver stones. Another cause for a failing liver can be liver-parasites. Cleansing the liver from liver stones is quite simple

There is a natural way to do this using olive oil and grapefruit juice that was developed by drHulda Clark. This cleansing process is repeated for two days, the best way to succeed is to follow the antiparasitic program by dr Clark.

You will need:

Bitter salt- 50 grams (buy it from specialized pharmacies and not from the internet. People who are suffering from low blood pressure should not be using this method, instead they can use enema following the method of G.Malahov).

Olive oil- ½ cup (1.5dl), light olive oil is preferred.

Fresh red grapefruit- 1 big or 2 small ones( make it enough to squeeze 2 dl of juice)

For the cleansing process you need to take two days off. On the day of the cleanse you shouldn’t take any medications or vitamins.

Timing is important for success. You can’t be late or early for more than 10-15 minutes.

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The liver cleansing plan:

Morning: Eat a low fat breakfast (fruit, cereals, bread , honey etc..). Don’t eat anything fatty like butter, cheese, cream or milk.

Noon: Eat a low fat lunch like : baked or steamed potatoes with some vegetables (with salt but without oil) , bread , fruit. Like the breakfast, don’t eat anything fatty. Drink plenty of water because after 14:00 you mustn’t drink anything.

14:00 : Don’t drink or eat anything after 14:00 (02:00 pm) . If you break this rule you might feel a little sick later.

After 14:00 : Mix 50g of bitter salt with 6dl of water. You will separate that in four glasses. Put the glasses in the fridge so you can drink the mixture easily.

18:00: Drink one of the refrigerated glasses. You can wash the aftertaste with some water or drink some water. Put the olive oil and the grapefruit at room temperature.

20:00(08:00 pm):Drink another glass of the bitter salt and water mixture.

21:30: Finish everything you are doing and prepare for bed.

21:45: Prepare the drink for the liver cleansing:

-Squeeze the grapefruit. Take out the pulp and the seeds so you get ½ cup- ¾ cups of clear juice.

-Mix the olive oil and the grapefruit juice in a bowl with a lid until the whole mixture is coherent.

Do what you have to do , go to the bathroom etc .


You drink the olive oil and grapefruit mixture. Drink it standing up for no more than 5 minutes (15 minutes for sick or elderly people). After you drink it go to bed immediately. If you don’t do this at once there is a chance that the liver stone won’t be out of the liver. Lie on you back or on left side.

Try to be still for at least 20 minutes. Try to keep your mind calm, think about the whole process that is going on in your body . You might even feel the stone moving through the liver canals. You won’t feel any pain because the liver canals are wide open thanks to the bitter salt.

Try to sleep. Don’t move too much and lie on your left side as much as possible.

The next morning (after 6:00)

After you wake up( not before 6:00) drink another glass of bitter salt water. If you feel sick upon waking up, wait for it to pass then drink the bitter salt water. Go back to bed.

2 hours later

Drink the last of the refrigerated bitter salt glasses( drink just ¾ of the glass )

Congratulations you’ve just took out the liver stone without an operation.

During this day you will visit the bathroom a couple of times. Take a light and look for green stone in the bowl. The green stones are liver stones and not some food remains.

The liver is full of liver stones so you might have to repeat this cleansing procedure in two weeks.

Is this safe?

This procedure is absolutely safe. Thousands of people around the world have tried and benefited from it. No one has even complained about pain.

How to prepare for this cleanse?

Most people have lots of parasites in their live so they need to get rid of them before they start this treatment. You can do that using the antiparasitic program. Clean you liver twice a year.

What kinds of diseases can you cure by cleansing the liver?

By cleansing the liver you will improve the function of the liver improving the health of your whole organism. With liver cleansing almost all allergies disappear.


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