Orthopedic Back Braces Help Ease Back Pain

Back braces

Spinal misalignment and muscle malfunction is one of the most painfully debilitating chronic ailments, while at the same time being one of the most common. The most effective treatments are usually spinal manipulation through chiropractic care and medical massage, but insurance rarely covers these treatments. They prefer and recommend pain management through the use of drugs, but that situation has the potential to become dangerous. Many of those medications are addictive narcotics with heavy side effects, and developing a dependency on these chemicals can ruin a person’s life mush faster than nerve degeneration.

One insurance-approved option is the use of an orthopedic back brace (and very often back support braces for seniors are covered by Medicare). Back braces provide spinal support, relieving muscles and nerves of the pressure caused by injury or improper posture. When dealing with an injury such as a slipped disc or torn muscle, healing requires minimal use and motion, just as a broken bone needs to be casted after being set. Of course, it is virtually impossible to immobilize the back without total bed rest, but back braces do help.

In treatment for scoliosis or an injury, an orthopedic back brace is often prescribed to provide upper back support. The brace pulls the shoulders back, stretching the pectoral muscles and forcing the wearer to sit and stand perfectly straight. This allows the spine to properly support the rest of the body, just as a column of blocks is more stable when stacked in perfect alignment than when the blocks are turned or set off-center from the last block. When the spinal vertebrae are misaligned or twisted, the surrounding muscles are forced to pick up the slack in the constant job of keeping you upright.  After wearing the brace for a length of time, the back muscles are trained to provide upper back support in the same way the brace did.

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Though it may be uncomfortable and quite a bit less fashionable, the use of a cybertech back brace is much more preferable than the constant need for medication. Of course, the ideal treatment is a combination of chiropractic care and therapeutic massage, but a custom-fit back brace is more often an insurance-approved expense, and with that in mind, is the most cost-effective treatment.


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