Pelvis Bleeding Due to Implementation of Transvaginal Mesh

Transvaginal Mesh

Transvaginal mesh or in short TVM implants are done in a woman who is suffering from POP i.e. pelvic organ prolapsed and SUI i.e. stress urinary incontinence. The method is not clinically correct and hence there is a lot of debate about using the same. Many cases have been registered against it because of the side effects it has caused. Pertaining to that FDA issued a guideline about TVM`s use.

The Problem

The treatment to Prolapsed pelvic organ and Stress urinary incontinence earlier was bit tough. The process used to treat was not that better but no side effect cases were reported. Companies like Johnson started their research and invented TVM. The problem was they have not done many clinical tests. Implantation started but soon the reports proved that this is not the best way. Earlier in 2008 FDA in response to that issued a statement stating that the earlier methods of POP and SUI treatments were good and that should be practiced.

The problems reported were not of the same type. Some reported to have faced problems during intercourse. It is not only the woman who is experiencing the problem but also the man. The perforation of the bladder is the other major reported problem.

The recall action

The FDA in 2011 issued notification to stop using the TVM. The transvaginal mesh recall has been started by most of the manufacturers in response to that. They believe that more clinical research needs to be done on the product before it is introduced in the market. There are help lines where the problems related to the TVM are reported. You have to mention the type of problem you were facing along with the details of Prolapsed pelvic organ or Stress urinary incontinence.

The warnings from FDI have resulted for the halt of TVM products. They are now not sold by the manufacturers. The recall process is pretty quick to prevent further damage. The TVM victims are all hoping to get further legal assistance for their cases. The pelvis bleeding cases are considered to be the worst sufferers. Transplantation side effects can be so disastrous are still unimaginable by them. Hope the recall is fast to prevent further damage.

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