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Russian Multipurpose Remedy. Learn How You Can Prepare It And Use It

When the once popular Russian website Alternative Medicine published the recipe for this remedy, everyone went crazy for it! No wonder, since it is very easy to prepare, but very effective and it cures many diseases.

This healing ointment can be used to treat bronchitis, otitis, angina, swelling, burns, bruises, open wounds, cracks on the hands and feet, ovary inflammation, trophic ulcers and a number of female diseases.

Depending on the disease you can use it externally, by coating the affected areas with it or rubbing it in, or internally – half a teaspoon three times a day before meals.

All you need to prepare it is one egg, 400 ml of oil (such as St. John’s) and a piece of beeswax (about 60 grams).

Preparation: Boil the egg and remove the yolk, you do not need the egg white. Mash the yolks on a plate and pour the oil in an enamel sauce pan. Add the beeswax, but put on a low flame and allow the wax to melt. When you hear it “crackling”, take the yolk with your fingers and throw it little by little in the pen with the oil and the wax. The oil will start to foam, so be prepared to quickly remove the sauce pan from the heat.

When the oil settles, put it back on the stove. Continue to add the yolk, constantly stirring with a spoon. The mixture will change color and become dark brown. Remove from heat and let it sit for 15-20 minutes. Strain through cheesecloth or a fine sieve strainer. Throw away the residues ( the crumbs of yolk).

When it’s cooled, put it in a glass jar and close the lid. You can keep it refrigerated, but not longer than 10 months.

If you decide to use the remedy as a compress, it is necessary to vapor heat it (about 40 degrees).



Melt it and immediately draw some of it off using a pipette. Do this quickly, so the remedy does not go hard. Put a drop in the nose, twice a day, in one hour intervals. Doctors say that this is a way to get past sinusitis – the remedy penetrates and draws all the pus with great intensity.

Purulent otitis

Soak a piece of cotton in this remedy and place it in the ear. Replace if necessary. You can also put it behind the ear.

 Purulent tonsillitis, abscesses in the throat, tonsillitis

Place the fat in the throat and put linings on the throat. If you do this at night, repeat the procedure 2-3 times and the abscess is going to burst in the morning.

Bronchitis, stomach and bowel pain, body ulcers, eye stye

Three times a day before meals, take half a teaspoon of this remedy.

Female diseases, fibromyoma( up to 10 weeks), ovarian cysts, inflammation, mastitis

Soak a tampon in this remedy and put it in the vagina every morning and evening. There are claims that after ten days the cysts will be gone. It takes longer for fibromyoma. For mastitis, but a paper napkin soaked in this remedy on the breast than put a plastic bag over it. Preferably, change it every 2 hours.

Burns, ulcers, wounds, swelling, toothache, joint pain

Apply to the affected area overnight and wrap it. If the wounds are not large, a piece of cotton dipped in the remedy should be enough. For toothache, taken some with a clean finger and lubricate the aching tooth and gum. The pain will soon disappear.

Trophic ulcers, gangrene

Put paper towels soaked with this remedy and change them every 2 hours. Pus will profusely leak out of the wound.

Treatment of hemorrhoids

Make a kind of a gauze tampon and put into the anus overnight. You should notice improvement in  8-10 days.

Any application that involves lubrication is best if practiced before bedtime and left there overnight. When it comes to joints, it should be wrapped after it’s saturated.

You can even strengthen your nails with this remedy – simply put some of it on your nails before bedtime and rub it in.

Note: The wax has to be natural (bee’s). If you are using it externally, you can use any vegetable oil. Olive oil is best for internal use.


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