The Healthy Food And 9 Weight Loss Tips

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The Healthy Food And 9 Weight Loss tips .Losing weight does not come easy. It requires a drastic change in lifestyle and the way things are done all around. Only those who are really serious about losing their weight can actually hope to see some changes. All this does not mean that a lot of hard work has to be done. What it means is that one requires a lot of dedication not to give up. It is due to the lack of dedication that many refuse to talk about some of the most important things that lead to weigh loss. This article contains some of the tips which can be very helpful but are rarely talked about.

The followings are. Healthy Food And 9 Weight Loss Tips

1) Never try to indulge in ten things at a time. Drastic changes will be resisted by the body to an extent that the probability of giving up becomes very high. Instead, take one thing at a time so that the body does not come under sudden pressure but begins to accept it. Take a pace that suits your body which many times might be way slower or faster than what is ideally spoken of.

2) The weight loss process is very uneventful which can make it boring. In such circumstances, having someone with the same goal as a partner helps a lot. Not only will that enable you to find the much needed support and motivation but also make the plan enjoyable and fun. As compared to people who undertake this process alone, partnered groups have witnessed better results.

3) Because it is the motivation that becomes the first casualty, everything (no matter how stupid it may sound) should be done to keep it alive. A good idea on this front would be to stick an old photo on the wall and keep remembering it whenever you are losing focus. On the other hand, you can also stick a photo of someone who you want to look like. Whenever in doubt, measure yourself, even the slightest improvement can boost the moral to a great extent.

4) Never try and starve yourself. That would only be detrimental to the whole affair and you would end up doing all kind of things to overcome the effects of an unhealthy diet. Indulge in 5 – 6 small meals throughout the day to keep the stomach full and the metabolism running. Even if you do feel hungry midway, restrict yourself to fruits which are healthy and juicy. Motivation can easily be lost by trying to take the starve route and make you eat things which you would lament later. A fuller stomach would provide the arsenal of cheating it instead.

5) Make resolutions which make you look forward to keep moving in the right direction. For example, treating you to an ice cream at the end of a successful week. Sounds stupid, but works.

6) Processed Food: Processed foods can be compared to poison. Many trying to lose weight end up eating them thus causing one of the biggest mistakes they possibly could. The liver is unable to break them down which is why they remain in the form of toxins in the body. Increase in toxin levels reduces the body’s capacity to break the fats which in turn also keep getting accumulate. Thus, it is better to eat natural and unprocessed food items only, items which can easily be digested and burnt by the body metabolism. Remember, it is not the quantity of food that makes the difference, but the quality. Make sure not to miss out on any essential nutrients at the same time.

7) Water: Water is one of the best detoxifier known to man. Unfortunately, most are not in the habit of drinking ample amount of water during the day. Apart from acting as a detoxifier, it also increases the metabolism rate thus helping burn more fat. Physiotherapists suggest that in order to stay fit, an individual should drink only water as a beverage. Ample amount of water would mean drinking approx. half your body weight in ounces.

8) Meal Schedule: Instead of eating 3 huge meals a day, try and eat small quantities over 5 – 6 meals. The idea is to eat something every 2 – 3 hours to keep the metabolism active at all times. By doing this, accumulated fats are burnt and none are accumulated. Timings of the meals play a huge difference in the quest to achieve weight loss.

9) Short Term Goals: Do not make long term plans, following them require an idealistic approach and is usually not a practical option. Instead, make short term goals which are easier to adhere to. Losing weight is not physically taxing; it taxes the brain to an extent and people give up to the pressure. Short term goals would keep the motivation levels high thus helping achieve the goal. Once the current goal is complete, make another one and continue to do so till success is right around the corner. At the same time, make sure not to set hard goals, these would only add to the negativity. For example, start with something as small as 1 pound a week.

By keeping them in mind, the process would become less strenuous and more fun. Having a partner alongside proves to be even more effective. Plan accordingly and you would witness a slimmer and a trimmer you with a body that you would love to flaunt and admire.


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