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Can weight loss tea reduce cholesterol

High cholesterol is a big health concern for many people and can be very serious. High levels of LDL cholesterol in the body are the main cause of heart disease. LDL cholesterol is the main factor of leading to the clogging of arteries. Your arteries can become blocked if LDL cholesterol that circulates in the blood develops into plaque. The good type of cholesterol known as HDL cholesterol usually carries the LDL cholesterol to the liver so it can be disposed of but when our LDL cholesterol levels are high our HDL levels are low.

You can actually lower your LDL levels and boost your HDL levels by the regular intake of tea. Green tea in particular has been shown to prevent LDL cholesterol from oxidising and then turning into plaque. Further studies conducted suggested that if your LDL levels are high, drinking tea may prevent it from becoming a major problem.

Drinking weight loss tea also may help in lowering your blood cholesterol levels, as an experiment undertaken by the University of Hong Kong. Rats were fed a high cholesterol diet for a week before starting the experiment. The rats were then divided into groups and each group were fed a different kind of tea whilst continuing the high cholesterol diet for eight weeks. One group of rats were fed water as opposed to tea.

The types of tea that were used during the process included Jasmine, Puerh, Iron Buddha, Green and Oolong tea. The object of the study was to determine whether fermented teas are as effective as unfermented teas. Jasmine tea is slightly fermented; iron Buddha and Oolong are partially fermented, Puerh is 100% fermented tea, whereas Green is tea is totally unfermented. Aside from measuring the level of cholesterol levels in the mice, the fattiness and weight of the liver was also measured.

The conclusion of the study was that Jasmine and Green tea the lesser fermented of the teas had a notable effect on the liver and serum levels of cholesterol. Also, these teas gave a considerable effect on the weight and fat of the liver. Jasmine and Green tea had a significant effect on the cholesterol levels by lowering them, whereas the fermented teas and the water had little effect whatsoever. The levels of triglycerides and HDL cholesterol did not differ much from group to group.

The results show that Green tea is a highly potent and effective way to help lower your cholesterol level especially when consumed in conjunction with a healthy varied diet and exercise. Consuming tea, especially Green tea may help you in diminishing the level of LDL cholesterol that circulates in your blood and may even prevent existing cholesterol from oxidizing and turning to plaque.

If you are unable to control your cholesterol level, Green tea could be the solution. It has no ill side effects and is generally well tolerated by most people, even those who are sensitive to the effects of caffeine. As well as a great addition to weight loss, Green tea comes with the added benefits of lowering your risk of heart disease diabetes and even cancer. Green tea is one supplement that you would surely benefit from adding this to your diet.

Green Tea Weight loss

Green tea has become so much more than just a beverage. Today it is one of the most popular aids that dieters use to help them lose weight. So what makes Green tea so great? It just so happens that Green Tea has plenty of health benefits. It is packed full of powerful antioxidants called Catechins and Polyphenols. This tea even helps delay the aging process and fight wrinkles and sun spots that age us. This is probably one of the reasons the Japanese have such beautiful skin and look as youthful as this has been part of their daily diet for many centuries.

If you are drinking tea specifically for weight loss you will also need to eat healthily and exercise regularly. Just one pound of body fat equals 3500 calories so to lose a pound a week; you must try to eat less than 3500 calories each day. With diet and exercise you will need to try and burn at least 500 calories or more to lose a pound a week. Green tea will aid in the burning of calories provided you stick to the diet. By drinking five cups of Green tea a day you will burn 70 ? 80 more calories than before. This is known as Thermogenesis which is the process in which heat is produced in organisms, it contains caffeine which speeds up the process. Although by drinking the tea alone you will not just drop excess pounds, but this will increase the process when used with a balanced diet and exercise program.

There are many weight loss teas to choose from. Gourmet Chinese teas are a very good option. These totally organic teas reside in the mountains of China. In the Lion Peak Mountain you can find Xi Hun Longjing tea, Yellow Mountain (Moa Feng tea) And Lu Shan (Misty Cloud tea). These are all very tasty teas. There are about 700 different varieties of gourmet teas you can purchase.

If you are searching for a regular weight loss tea you will find plenty at your local supermarket or grocery store. You don?t need to travel to China to find a good Green tea. Snapple make a very healthy and delicious diet tea. This diet Green tea contains a natural antioxidant called Epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) which you will only find in Green tea. It gives your metabolism a kick start and will suppress your hunger, there are zero calories in Snapple diet tea. if you are looking for something a bit more interesting, Snapple also do a Green Apple white tea. This contains a little bit more caffeine in it for extra energy and will give you a kick.

The optimum health giving Green tea is known as Tava Tea. Its unique blend of the finest Chinese teas offers many health giving benefits as well as effective weight loss to those that drink it regularly.

Easy ways to lose weight

Most of the girls face some problems after or before menopause. Weight loss is one such problem that has been encountered by many girls. Many studies proof that there is some relation of menopause and weight loss. Some give the suggestion that estrogen might result in weight gain after menopause. It is said that the main reason behind menopausal weight gain might be extra amount of calories that you consume or that you do not exercise properly to burn those calories. Throughout a woman’s life, exercise is very significant. This becomes all the more important when she is getting old. It is important to lose weight during a menopause because at this time one tends to gain some extra weight.

If you maintain a proper exercise plan then this will help you loose the extra weight put on during menopause. Stress hormones are a hurdle in your weight loss program. During this time, your body is more stressed as compared to other times. The task of weight loss gets tougher during this time. During this time, women complain about gaining extra pounds around their hips and waist. At this time, you should balance your exercise with your diet. During this time, the body suffers from many imbalances and a proper diet is the best solution for this problem. You need to intake a lot of protein food, vegetables and fruits. It is suggested to drink plenty of water. Just boost up your exercise to improve metabolism. If you follow a good diet and exercise regularly then you can easily lose weight during menopause.

A High protein diet is gaining wide spread popularity because of its effective results. No matter what your goal is this type of diet can benefit everybody. This type of diet may vary according to your goals. You can use a high protein diet either for losing weight or even for building up your muscles. If you work throughout the day then your body loses a lot of energy and you will need loads of protein. A high protein diet can give you appropriate amount of protein that your body need.

A proper diet can also help to lose the extra weight that a women gain during menopause. Some of the food items that are included in a high protein diet are fish, nuts, milk, eggs, and chicken. You can also take the advice of a physician to get the best high protein diet for you. You must know how much protein you need to determine the best diet plan for you. You can also try the protein shakes and bars. These are easily available these days. This type of supplement is very effective and very convenient. You should supplements of accredited brands only. Most of the exercise plans also include a high protein diet so that you can lose weight and at the same time retain your energy. If you exercise regularly then this type of diet, give you the extra power that you need to maintain a healthy body.

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Exercises for weight loss

Yoga can be very beneficial if you want to lose some weight. Yoga can make you feel healthier and your body becomes flexible as well as strong. If you choose yoga for weight loss then you will gain a healthy body and a healthy mind as well. There are different kinds of yoga for different purposes. The amount of weight you want to lose will decide the type of yoga and the frequency of practicing it. For loosing weight, you must burn some calories and eat healthy food. You should do those exercises that elevate your heart rate continuously.

Yoga includes such poses that are held for quite a lot of minutes and has a resting period in between each pose. You can also choose the yoga in which you have to perform a series of poses. There are many other vigorous styles of yoga. Obesity is a problem that needs a lot of time and dedication. If you cannot take out time to join a gym then yoga can be your best bet. Yoga is very effective if you want to get rid of the extra pounds. Some of the ‘asanas’ of yoga is meant especially for weight loss.

The best thing about yoga is that there is no side effect. Yoga affects the metabolism as well as the fat cells of the body. IF you practice yoga regularly then it will help you to proportionate your height and weight accordingly and gives you a healthy lifestyle. If you practice yoga regularly then you should also follow a healthy diet to maintain your weight as well. For good results, you should not break the routine of your yoga practice.

A daily exercise plan is important to lead a healthy life. People who were involved in sport activities in college or school, and want to maintain their active way of life, then this kind of plan is beneficial for them. You should consult a physician before starting with a new plan. This will be helpful especially if you have faced some health problems in past. You should also maintain a record of your daily exercise so that you can follow your progress. Choose such a daily exercise plan with which you are comfortable. When you get used to it then you can increase the intensity of your exercise.

It is not always necessary to go to the gym. You can follow your plan even at your home. These routines also do not cost much and the timing is flexible. At home, you can do the exercises at any free time. For your daily exercise plan choose those exercises, which are beneficial, and keeps you motivated. Many times, you loose interest and then break your routine. Decide your goal and the type of exercises that you want to incorporate in your plan in advance. This will help you choose only those exercises that will help you achieve your goals. Following a daily exercise plan is gaining popularity in this hectic world because it is the best way to lead a life in the pink.

Healthy Weight Loss during Pregnancy

Maintain your weight during pregnancy is the best way by an eating healthy food and regular exercise will help you. Cut down on the amount of soft-drinks and don’t skip your diet. Healthy weight loss during pregnancy is to make a good energetic diet plan.

Here some of the healthy weight loss tips and healthy weight loss during pregnancy are given below in naturally.

If you are over weight during pregnancy, balanced diet and Weight loss Exercises are very useful and don’t do exercises without doctor decision because you can consultation with a qualified doctor after do some specialized exercises only. Gently exercise like walking and light aerobics are the best way for most of the pregnant women and provide benefits for both you and your baby.

Do Weight Loss Yoga techniques like pranayama and savasana asanas are very helpful to control your weight. These Yoga techniques are also good for your healthy baby and increase the blood flow also. Good sleep also very helpful for pregnant women and taking bath with lukewarm water before sleeping.

Drink two full glasses of skimmed Milk (low fat) every day, Eat raw Coconut, fresh fruits like Oranges, Mangoes, Apples, Pineapples and Grapes are healthy foods during pregnancy. Drink lot of water at least 10 glasses of water as well as drink Coconut water daily to keep the body well hydrated. Drink fresh Orange, Apple juices and Eat Pomegranate fruit is very healthy and increase the red blood cells in the body as they are weight loss fruits juices.

Don’t eat too much meal at once. Diet should take in easy to digest and light foods. Eat 4 to 6 small quantities of meals per day and well balanced meals frequently to avoid the over weight during pregnancy. To avoid eating too much of rich in fat items, high in calories and sodium contain foods. Eat sufficient healthy nutrients and calories foods are weight loss foods will give full of energy during pregnancy.

Healthy homemade Weight Loss Remedies are helps to burn the fat gradually. To prepare the Healthy weight loss recipes and eat this recipes which helps to increase the strength levels during pregnancy. Never use any tablets to weight loss during pregnancy. It was advised to not to take Sugar in any form. Take Honey instead of eating Sugar.

Eat nutrient rich foods such as green leafy vegetables, Beans, Peas, Carrots, Beetroots, whole grains, lean protein sources and low fat foods. These foods are very healthy and Weight loss vegetables. Don’t eat too much of junk, oily and fast foods. Pecan nuts are very healthy diet and eating of pecan nuts are also assurance weight loss. Pecan nuts contain high in vitamins, minerals and more health benefit nutrients needed during pregnancy. Eating dry fruits like cashew nut, raisins and almonds are very healthy during pregnancy.

Check out how to maintain healthy weight loss during pregnancy and it is good for both you and your baby. Here we are giving natural and healthy diet process with healthy weight loss during pregnancy.

Top 10 natural weight loss exercises

Most important thing to remember while exercise, drink as much water as possible to gain more energy to do exercise.

  1. Pushups the first and most important exercise. Because pushups re very good to burn your fat permanently due to total body will be on your hands muscles. While doing pushups make sure that your stomach should be keep tight.
  2. Abdominal exercises for flat stomach, when you do exercises related to abdominal the pressure will be on your stomach so that the fat will burn slowly.
  3. Rotate your body not legs, which means stand and don’t move your legs and turn your body from left to right and right to left, this exercise also builds some pressure on your stomach to burn the fat.
  4. Stretch your legs and rotate your body without moving your legs.
  5. Fold your hands and keep behind your head and tilt left and right without moving your legs, which will also helps to burn fat, because pressure will be on your stomach.
  6. Sit, stretch your legs and move your body front and back.
  7. Stand in steady position and bend it as much as possible front and back will helps to get rid of fat.
  8. Pull-ups are one of the most important exercises to lose weight and your convert your fat into muscles.
  9. Take one stool and keep your legs on it and your body keep it towards downward. Also helps to loose weight naturally.
  10. Do as many exercises as possible which are applying pressure on your stomach will helps to get rid of weight loss problem.

Even if you gone anywhere for the treatment of natural weight loss, they will guide you to do some exercises which are giving pressure on your stomach, even they may guide you in different manner but the concept is same. So do as many exercises as possible without using any weights will helps to loose weight naturally.



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